COP27: Swimmer tries Red Sea crossing for climate change

Key takeaways: 

  • Lewis Pugh began his excursion to Tiran Island in Saudi Arabia.
  • Perseverance swimmer Lewis Pugh endeavoring is believed to be the world’s most memorable swim across the Red Ocean.

He needs to feature the weakness of coral reefs and seas before a significant environment meeting in Egypt in November.

He told BBC News he needed world pioneers to “put your heads in the water to see what we risk losing if we don’t make a dire move.”

He desires to swim the 160km (100 miles) distance north in about fourteen days.

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In November, countries will accumulate in Sharm el-Sheikh for COP27 to examine how the world handles climbing temperatures.

Mr. Pugh, a UN Benefactor of the Seas, will confront warm ocean temperatures, extremely scented water, and extended periods of openness to the sun as he swims around 10km (6 miles) a day.

His process began in Saudi Arabia and will take him through one of the world’s most active delivery paths prompting the Suez Trench. He will contact land in the future in Hurghada, Egypt.

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