Canada’s new 700km island route

Key takeaways:

  • A Canadian’s mission to plan a journey enlivened way around Ruler Edward Island is presently the Island Walk, a 700km strolling and cycling course.
  • Pink and purple lupins influenced Ruler Edward Island’s Expressway 101, where I’d recently left the town of Kensington.

It was 09:00, and the street was occupied with vehicles whose drivers appeared to be resolved to tracking down an espresso or getting to work. The smell of cow drifted across the breeze before I recognized the creatures munching on edge. They remained close to a sign that said, “Get high off our milk. Our cows are on grass.”

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It was my fourth day strolling the Island Walk, another 700km course that circles Canada’s littlest region. Beginning PEI’s provincial west end, I had stepped past vinyl-clad farmhouses with sea vistas, along a footpath underneath spinning wind turbines, or more red dirt precipices that dove pointedly into the ocean. I had halted for a late morning blue grass music hour at the Stompin’ Tom Center, respecting Canadian vocalist lyricist Tom Connors. I’d stomped through the downpour along a confined, lush path where multitudes of shrewd mosquitos attempted to shield me under my umbrella. What’s more, in the wake of learning about PEI’s significant harvest at the Canadian Potato Historical center, I fuelled my day’s stroll with an extra-enormous cheddar beat heated potato presented with newly made potato chips. You realize that a spot is significant about its spuds when your potato accompanies a side of potatoes.

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