George Santos, a new representative, apologizes for “embellishing my resume”

George Santos
George Santos

The prospective New York congressman acknowledged he was not Jewish, had not attended NYU or Baruch College, nor had he worked for Citigroup or Goldman Sachs.

George Santos, a candidate for U.S. Representative, apologizes for making up information about his schooling, employment history, and religious background but insists that it won’t prevent him from taking the oath of office on January 3.

Santos, 34, said on Monday to The New York Post, “My faults here are enhancing my resume.” “I apologise.”

In an interview with the journal, the incoming congressman admitted that, contrary to what he had previously said, he had inflated his employment history at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

He admitted to the Post on Monday that he had never received a degree from a college or university. “I regret embellishing my resume and feel ashamed. I’m sorry; we all make foolish decisions in life.”

George Santos; image from Saudi Gazette

The New York Times conducted an inquiry on December 19 and concluded that large portions of Santos’ life could not be verified, exposing several of his lies.

The New Yorker also refuted his earlier assertion that he was Jewish on Monday.

Santos stated to The Post, “I never claimed to be Jewish.” “I’m a Catholic. I declared myself to be “Jew-ish” after learning that my mother’s family was Jewish.”

Despite Santos having previously claimed to be of Jewish heritage on his campaign website also throughout the campaign, the newspaper looked at genealogical data from that appear to show that both of the New York representative-maternal elect’s grandparents were born in Brazil before the war.

Santos’ website stated last week that “George’s grandparents fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, landed in Belgium, and fled persecution once more during WWII.” (The material was later taken down from his site’s About page.)

The Times also called attention to other aspects of his past besides his education, professional background, and religion.

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