Bernie Sanders, a progressive independent, attributes Kyrsten Sinema’s party change to her “political aspirations”

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Sanders stated in an interview with news that he believes Sinema’s decision to switch parties “truly has to do with her political aspirations for the future in Arizona.”

One of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s colleagues claims the decision to leave the Democratic Party and become an independent formally was driven by “political aspirations” in the wake of the senator’s announcement.

“She has justifications. I have a sneaking suspicion that it has a lot to do with Arizona politics, “In a weekend interview on State of the Union, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders—another independent who caucuses with Democrats—told TV reporter Dana Bash.

“I believe the Democrats are not all that excited about someone who helps sabotage some of the most crucial legislation that protects the interests of working families and voting rights, among other things,” the author said.

Bernie Sanders; image from People

Since her election in 2018, Sinema has established herself as one of the Senate’s most disruptive figures. Last week, she revealed her plan to switch to an independent party, stating she did so with the wishes of her supporters.

Sinema stated that “there is a mismatch between what political parties are giving and what regular Americans want and deserve from our politics” in an opinion piece she wrote for The Arizona Republic last week.

News quotes Sanders: “I think it really has to do with her political objectives for the future in Arizona.” Sanders isn’t persuaded.

By switching, Sinema joins Sanders and Angus King of Maine, both of whom also caucus with the left and support the Democratic Party majority, as one of just three independent U.S. senators.

However, some fear that Sinema won’t be as supportive of the Democratic Party as Sanders and King, who frequently cast blue votes, and that she might feel encouraged by her newfound independence to support the Republicans more regularly.

But neither Sanders nor the Democratically controlled Biden administration appear concerned.

The White House notified of Sinema’s intention to leave the president’s party late Thursday afternoon, shared that attitude.

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