Funny Retrospective on Bethenny Frankel’s ‘RHONY’ Past Wardrobe

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel

The Watch What Happens Live participant in the game “Versace or Hibachi?” on Bravo kept nothing back.

She didn’t hold back when Bethenny Frankel discussed her prior wardrobe decisions on Bravo’s see What Happens Live on Wednesday.

The reality star, 52, was questioned by host Andy Cohen during the “Versace or Hibachi?” segment about her previous appearances going back to season 1 of Real Housewives of NewYorkCity, which began in 2008.

Frankel exclaimed in shock when a floral dress from a trip to the Hamptons suddenly appeared. That’s not you—asked fellow visitor Jeff Lewis of Hollywood House lift.

Frankel deadpanned, referring to the dowdy attire worn by Bea Arthur’s character Maude in the 1970s sitcom, “Yeah, I think Maude wants that back.”

It wasn’t just the peach-and-blue outfit that Frankel criticized.

Bethenny Franke; image from Bravo TV

Frankel grimaced and muttered, “Wow – Hibachi,” referring to the blue-green lace dress and hairstyle she wore for the season 2 reunion. “And the hair needs to be lit on fire physically.”

Frankel accepted every outfit she had worn in the past. She was rather apathetic when Cohen started the game.

She dubbed “Vernachi,” which she characterized as “in the centre — it’s not bad, but it’s not good,” a cropped Skinnygirl red leather jacket and a black headpiece with a little paisley dress.

She had the same feelings about the wrap dress and martini she was wearing. She said, “I don’t know if they’re being cancelled right now, but I don’t want to say it’s good enough to say Versace,” and said, “Fine, but not good enough to say Versace.”

Frankel was ready to roast specific ensembles that she presumably liked once upon a time, too, as she had plenty of “Hibachi” comments up her sleeve. A picture of her wearing a statement necklace and a photo of herself in a gold nightgown caused a wince and a quick “Hibachi.”

Frankel did score a little victory when she noticed the striped outfit she wore to dinner with LuAnn de Lesseps. She gushed, “I like that Versace.

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