Due to a Serious Case of Pneumonia, Chris Kattan Needed Emergency Surgery

Chris Kattan
Chris Kattan

On Saturday, the former Saturday Night Live performer was taken to the hospital.

After battling pneumonia, Chris Kattan was admitted to the hospital and underwent an emergency procedure, according to the news.

The former Saturday Night Live performer, 52, recently developed streptococcus, a severe case of pneumonia, and was taken to the hospital on Saturday, according to TMZ. The same bacteria that causes strep throat also causes streptococcus.

According to the publication, he underwent an urgent successful procedure and will be discharged on Friday.

Following the announcement, Maria Libri, Kattan’s girlfriend, posted a picture of the two on Instagram and wished him a speedy recovery.

After a severe pneumonia scare, “this precious, wonderful man of mine is on the road to recovery,” she wrote. “He always looks out for us; now it’s our turn to look out for him.”

In a previous interview with news in 2017, Kattan discussed his health and described a life-altering accident that required a 20-year rehabilitation.

Kattan recalls, “I was executing a stunt, and I felt something was wrong but I didn’t believe it was severe.” I didn’t get checked out until maybe two days later when my arm began to deteriorate, and the doctor informed me that I had broken my neck.

Kattan underwent a simple procedure to attempt to heal his neck after being told that if he didn’t undergo surgery as soon as possible, he might become paralysed.

“I simply couldn’t picture a piece of a machine, an automobile, or anything else made of metal in my back. I received what was billed as a noninvasive surgery from a man who was [doing Eastern medicine] because it just didn’t make sense to me “He described the treatment, which involved fusing several levels in his neck.

Even though it was a “noninvasive” procedure, Kattan had to stay in the hospital for weeks and undergo physical rehabilitation afterwards.

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