Sue Baker, who delivered a motoring show for 11 years, dies

Key takeaways: 

  • Sue Cook, one of the early moderators on the long running BBC motoring show Top Stuff, passed on at 75.
  • The moderator and writer, who had engine neuron infection (MND), passed on Monday, her family said.

Cook joined Top Stuff in 1980, three years after its send-off, and more than 100 episodes showed up.

She left in 1991, proceeding to set up the Engine Hustling News Administration based at the Brands Lid race track. She was additionally the Spectator’s motoring manager.

An assertion given by her family on Monday said: “It is with great misery that we share the insight about Sue’s passing. A hovering mother to Ian and Hannah, a caring grandma to Tom and George, and a superb mother by marriage to Lucy. She passed at home toward the beginning of today with family around her.

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“She was a capable and productive essayist, a charming television moderator, and an energetic creature darling. She had a day-to-day existence and vocation that many would envy, yet did everything with such elegance that she was respected and regarded by all who knew her. We realize she implied such a significant amount to so many.

“Much thanks to you to everyone who has upheld her throughout recent years as she struggled with MND.”

As one of the leading ladies to introduce on Top Stuff, continuing in the strides of any semblance of Angela Rippon and Judith Jackson, Dough puncher was viewed as a trailblazer in her field.

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