LS Lowry’s Going To The Match deals for £7.8m at auction

Key takeaways: 

  • Going to the Match went under the mallet on Wednesday night.
  • An LS Lowry painting depicted as a “notable show-stopper” has been sold at closeout for a record-breaking £7.8 million.

Going To The Match portrays a clamoring crowd of football fans assembled at the previous home of Bolton Vagabonds.

It had been advanced to The Lowry exhibition in Salford by the Players Establishment.

Be that as it may, the establishment said the monetary emergency implied it had to sell the 1953 work, raising feelings of dread it very well may be lost from public presentation.

The purchaser has been affirmed as The Lowry expressions focus, getting its future at the exhibition.

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It was among a progression of compositions that went on special at Christie’s prior and sold for a sled cost of £6.6m with an extra purchaser’s premium of £1.2m.

The all-out total is another record cost for a work by Lowry sold at closeout.

The deal was the subject of debate beforehand, with the City hall leader of Salford, Paul Dennett, demanding any new proprietor should keep it “allowed to get to.”

Lowry CEO Julia Fawcett said the buy was made potential “because of an unquestionably liberal gift from The Law Family Altruistic Establishment.”

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