Jailed British-Egyptian activist ends hunger strike – note

Key takeaways:  English Egyptian supportive of a vote-based system lobbyist Alaa Abdel Fattah has told his family in a letter that he has finished a seven-month hunger strike in jail in Egypt. “I’ve broken my strike. I’ll make sense of everything on

Biden cautions Putin not to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Key Takeaways: In a television appearance, President Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Pelley then asked what results in Russia would expect from such a move, and the president declined to elaborate. President Biden cautioned Russian

China accuses the Washington of cyberspying on universities.

Key Takeaways: On Monday, according to American authorities, China accused the United States of breaking into computers at a college that conducts the military exam. Washington accuses Beijing of adopting insider information from the business world and publishing criminal accusations against Chinese