Groin injury reason behind shut down Sun’s Devin Booker.

The Phoenix Suns declared Elite player watch Devin Booker will be out significantly longer than expected, as he experienced a left crotch strain that will close him down about a month prior to reconsideration. Booker has missed the Suns’ last three games

Champion of 62 Tom Browning no more

Tom Carmelizing, a one-time Elite player and 1990 Worldwide championship champion with the Cincinnati Reds, has kicked the bucket, experts in Kentucky said Monday. He was 62. The Boone Region Sheriff’s Office said officials answered a call to Cooking’s home in Association

Finally Coyotes wins against Bruins after 19 loses

— The Arizona Coyotes’ re-visitation of the Mullett transformed into one major streak-finishing party. Lawson Crouse scored his second objective with 13.5 seconds left in the third period and the Coyotes got back to end a 19-game long string of failures to